Tuesday, May 3, 2011

They gonna cut you??

So my surgery is in a few weeks. If you don't know, I'm having spinal fusion to correct/stabilize my worsening scoliosis. I went to the doctor today and my curve has progressed from 45 degrees to 56. Yikes! Not good.

I told my students on Monday that I would be leaving school early to have an "operation". They know that my back hurts and I told them that the doctors were going to fix it. I asked if they have any questions. One was "They gonna cut you?" Yes sweet child, they gonna cut me. Thanks for easing my fears about this whole thing. In all honesty, I don't think they really understand much of it. I did read Curious George Goes to the Hospital to give them some understanding. We'll see how it goes. I have 7 school days left :(

Today was my pre-op appointment. We went here:
That's right. Children's Hospital. Since my doctor is the one I have had since I was 7, there is no sense in changing doctors. He knows me, I know him, he knows my medical history, it just makes sense. And since I teach Kindergarten, I totally don't mind being in a kid's environment.

My mom enjoyed herself in the waiting room:
She had a lot of fun playing with the magnetic table. To be honest, I did too. Those things are cool!! They whisked me away to do all sorts of tests and x-rays, then told me I needed to go downstairs to talk with anesthesia.

When we got there, the people told us that since I was over 13 I had to go over to the main hospital. Ok, no problem. We walked over to the "big person" hospital to be told that since I didn't have an appointment they couldn't do anything. A few phone calls back and forth straightened it out luckily. Apparently I am a very unique situation in that I'm a 26 year old adult but having surgery in a children's hospital.

The upside of a children's hospital? Cool band-aids:
It's a dog on a surf board. Would have been better if it was Hello Kitty or a Disney Princess, but I'll take it. The best part of the day came when I saw some crayons and coloring book in the waiting room. I went over to get them and then they immediately called my name. "Damn!" I said under my breath. My mom reminded me that since I was in a children's hospital I probably shouldn't swear. Guess I'll have to watch myself.

So I report for surgery in 12 days. Any advice? Any good movies I should make a point to watch while I'm recuperating? Thanks in advance for prayers and support!


Anonymous said...

You are a rock star, and that's a hideous picture of me!

Anonymous said...

Clare, you crack me up! I'll be thinking about you, hoping that things at school wrap up well and that you will avoid all anxiety. I'll be praying that all goes as planned and that your doctor has just the right amount of caffeine that morning.

Anonymous said...

I love that you're getting this done at the Childrens Hospital. :)

How long will you be there?