Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving TpT Sale!!

In honor of Thanksgiving next week (and 4 more school days until break- woohoo!!), I'm putting all of my TpT Thanksgiving products on sale. All those items/activities are 20% off from now until Sunday, Nov. 23.

Head over to my store and check it out!!

Thanksgiving Count and Write! Assessment

Do you ever have those teaching days where you get to school in the morning and you think, "what am I doing with my kids today?" No? Just me? Oh well. Monday morning was definitely one of those days. I knew what we needed to do in Math, just not exactly how we were going to do it.

We've been working with the CCSS standard of counting and cardinality- focusing on writing numbers 0-10. And since it's Thanksgiving and turkey is on everyone's mind, I created this:

Quick, easy, to-the-point. My kids loved it! And I loved it because it was very telling as to which kids can count and write their numbers and which kids need some help. I used it as a summative assessment, but you could also use it if you're reviewing numbers 1-10 or however you'd like. It's available in my TpT store for just $1.50! There are other Thanksgiving items as well, so be sure to check it all out!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

All about nouns!

This week we've been learning all about nouns. We made a fun anchor chart brainstorming examples for the four types of nouns- person, place, thing and animal. Hopefully having this chart up in our room will help my Kindergarteners!

To assess, I made this page:

It has 8 pictures (2 of each type). Students have to cut and sort/organize the nouns into the different categories. Its available on my TpT site for only $1.50! 

How do you teach nouns? 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Letter Search Fun!

And once again, I'm back! Things have been just a tad busy in my life- selling our townhouse, moving our things into storage, living with my parents, house hunting, starting school, etc. Hopefully buying a house will be in our near future and I'll have a fun home office to work on things!

In the meantime, I've been working on some fun letter searches:
They work great as morning work/extra practice for my Kinder kiddos and a great way to practice uppercase/lowercase letter matching. PLUS when you find all the letters, they form a large version of the letter on the page! Hidden fun!

Get the A-C set here on my TpT store. Hopefully the next few will be up soon! Be sure to check out the rest of my shop, including a fun counting freebie I recently added!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!!

Today is April 1 aka April Fools Day aka a day teachers dread. Seriously, there's only so many times I can hear a kid say "you have a bug on your head...April Fools!" or "your shoe's untied" (that one was especially awesome today because I was wearing sandals- no laces!)

But instead of hating the craziness, this year I embraced it. And played a pretty awesome prank on my Kindergarteners.

I told them I made brownies...except that I had made brown E's!!!

Thankfully, nobody cried and they all thought this was the best prank ever! Especially because I let them take an "E" home in a bag to prank their families.

Did anyone else play a prank today? What did you do?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun!

Ugh, once again I've neglected my teacher blog. I don't know how all those wonderful teacher bloggers do it! I feel like every time I'm doing something blog-worthy in my classroom, I either don't have my camera or I'm too busy with the kids to take pictures.

Thankfully, on Valentine's Day I remembered my camera AND took some pictures! Since the Candy Corn Bandit (thanks Babbling Abby!) was such a hit in October, I decided to recreate it for Valentine's Day. 

The set up: before Specials I told my kids I had some candy for them after PE. While they were gone, I put up the clues around the building and hid the candy with my across the hall neighbor. Then, while we were out clue-hunting, she put the candy back on their desks. It worked perfectly!

They came back from PE to this:
No more candy!

But, there was a clue...

We found another in the library...

And by the gym! The kids all thought it was so funny the "thief" was so close to them while they were in PE.

They took off down the hallway! Thankfully I have understanding administration who don't mind a crazy class running through the hall :)

Another clue by the front doors...

And then another in the cafeteria!

That led them to the front office.

And back to the room where the candy was waiting!

It was so much fun and such a huge hit! After, I had my kiddos sequence and label all the places we found clues. Great way to tie in some key standards while still having Valentine's fun.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

100th day of school!

Since we started school on Aug. 1, we celebrated the 100th day of school this past week. What a fun thing for my sweet Kindergarteners! We did all things 100: made 100 thing posters, drew 100 things, did 100 exercises, wrote a book about 100 things, etc.

Two popular activities in my classroom were the 100 exercises and the 100 year old picture. Both are always a hit, and this year was no exception!

Both activities are available in my TpT store. And since today is Super Bowl Sunday, everything in 15% off! Check it out!

We also took pictures with our frame I made from Pinterest. It's such fun to see how they've grown from the 1st day to the 100th!