Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving TpT Sale!!

In honor of Thanksgiving next week (and 4 more school days until break- woohoo!!), I'm putting all of my TpT Thanksgiving products on sale. All those items/activities are 20% off from now until Sunday, Nov. 23.

Head over to my store and check it out!!

Thanksgiving Count and Write! Assessment

Do you ever have those teaching days where you get to school in the morning and you think, "what am I doing with my kids today?" No? Just me? Oh well. Monday morning was definitely one of those days. I knew what we needed to do in Math, just not exactly how we were going to do it.

We've been working with the CCSS standard of counting and cardinality- focusing on writing numbers 0-10. And since it's Thanksgiving and turkey is on everyone's mind, I created this:

Quick, easy, to-the-point. My kids loved it! And I loved it because it was very telling as to which kids can count and write their numbers and which kids need some help. I used it as a summative assessment, but you could also use it if you're reviewing numbers 1-10 or however you'd like. It's available in my TpT store for just $1.50! There are other Thanksgiving items as well, so be sure to check it all out!!