Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here we go

Well, in about 11 hours I'll be checking in at the Children's Hospital. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous. Duh. Of course I'm nervous. I'm also excited, anxious, happy, scared and all the feelings in between. Every now and then I get waves of reality, but it still doesn't feel totally real. That will soon change.

But, in honor of my new favorite book "The Book of Awesome" (more on that later), here are some awesome things about having spinal fusion:

-staying at mom and dad's house for free=saving money. awesome!
- tons of friends visiting and bringing me cool stuff. awesome!
- growing an inch and not being such a shorty anymore. awesome!
- having people wait on me hand and foot. awesome!
- hopefully meeting a cute resident and falling in love. awesome!

ok, I'm joking about that last point. But it could happen. You never know!! I'll keep you posted...

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Anonymous said...

Knowing Clare.... Awesome!
Love, Mom