Friday, October 28, 2011

My little scientists

Have you been wondering where I went? Well, let's the past few weeks, I have had to enter 11 grades per child per subject (11 grades x 6 subjects x 17 kids!) into a new computer grading system, I've been to Providence, RI to visit my sister and I've been to Jamaica for a much needed vacation!

But before all of that, I took my kids on a "learning expedition" to our local nature center. It is a great place that really does a fantastic job of introducing kids to nature. It's especially great for my little inner-city babies. They loved it!!

Here they are examining the frog pond:
I of course spent the entire time saying "don't lean so far! move back! not so close!" I was just convinced that someone would fall in. Luckily, we all stayed dry and even spotted a few frogs! We took a class picture in front of a huge sycamore tree that we'll visit again soon to see how it has changed with the season.

I am loving getting out and about and seeing what little scientists my kids are becoming! They are really exploring and discovering our world and I'm just so glad I can be a part of that.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's in my bag?

I saw a cute post recently on another teacher blog about teacher bags. I can't remember where the post was from, but I agree completely with the statement that teachers love tote bags. I have an entire closet full of tote bags. Seriously, I have a problem. But, I use all of them and they all have a purpose.

I have used several different tote bags in my short teaching career. When I was an assistant, I used my backpack because I was also in grad school at the time. Then while I was student teaching, I used a medium long-handeled tote from L.L. Bean. It was great, but a little small for what I needed.

When I started my real job, my realtor gave me a super cute tote bag as a "happy new house and happy new job" present. It is bright green and pink (my favorite colors!) but the sides are soft so it didn't hold its shape. This year I've been using a variety of old totes...until now

Enter, this beauty:
A large, long-handeled tote from L.L. Bean. A tote devoted solely to teaching. Thus, the "Ms. H" monogram. I am in love! This tote is awesome. It stays open and upright, the straps go over my shoulders for easy carrying, and it holds everything I need. What's in it? Well, since you asked...

the "orange basket" (turn in paper place) from my classroom, full of papers to be graded. The pink box holds my Mr. Sketch markers, great for grading papers because the kids love the smells!

A package of sentence strips. I've been using sentence strips a lot more this year, but usually only have time to make them when I'm at home. So I figured I needed to just keep a pack at home so when the mood strikes me I'm ready.

My lunch container (this day it was leftovers) and my water bottle. I go through about 2-3 bottlefulls a day.

Random laminated things that need to be cut out. These have been in my bag since the beginning of the year. I just hate cutting stuff out! But they're here if I'm ever in the mood.

A small notebook (holds my to-do lists), an umbrella and my personal clutch. All important things to have.

The only reason there isn't any more random crap in my bag is because it's new. Check back with me in a few weeks (heck, a few days) and there's sure to be some post-its, a few check stubs, a ruler, some pens, a hair clip and even more random things.

So there you have it! The secrets of my teacher bag revealed. What's in your bag?