Friday, March 25, 2011

Where do they get this stuff?

Today was a great day at school. Maybe because I was wearing my "magic boots" (that's what I call my cowboy boots. Seriously, every time I wear them the kids are fabulous). Maybe because it was Friday. Or maybe just because I had so much fun with them that I was in a good mood so they were too. Whatever the reason, it was one of those days that makes me LOVE my job. Absolutely love. As in, I almost teared up when I was playing/learning with them because I just love them so much. They are awesome.

Here are just a few of the funny things they said today. I told my roomate these and she cracked up.

1. after getting up from nap time, a kid started singing "wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy". Absolutely hilarious for several reasons. One being that I went to middle school with Ke$ha!

2. a child came up to me during snack time and said "Ms. H, can you call me Crab?" She wants her new nick name to be Crab. Really?

3. when I pass out snack I always ask a lot or a little bit? Sometimes they don't really like what is being offered so they only want a little bit. Today's snack was Cheez Its. One girl asked for 3. Just 3. That's all she wanted. And she was so thankful for those 3 cheese crackers. Presh

Oh I just love these kids! They make my life so rich!

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