Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break!

This week my school is on Spring Break. Actually, let me correct myself. We are on Spring Break Tuesday-Friday. Monday (tomorrow) was supposed to be our first day off, but because of all the snow we had this winter, they made it a regular school day. They also took away our planning/records day that was supposed to be last Friday. So instead of 10 days Spring Break turned into 6. This affected plans for tons of teachers and students. Luckily (or not so luckily, depending on how you look at it) I did not have plans. I am planning a lovely stay-cation. But here's a look at some past Spring Break trips:

2006- San Diego/LA with my mom. Here I am checking out Marilyn Monroe's handprints:

2007- Perdido Key, FL. Super fun trip with 5 of my sorority sisters. Here I am scared to death, aka parasailing:

2008- I was in grad school that year and working at a local elementary school. Grad school had SB one week, the elementary school had it the next. No trip that year :(

2009- Key West with my family (minus my brother). Here I am at the southernmost point in the USA:
I literally can't remember what I did last year. I was so busy with my first year teaching, my brother being sick, being in a new house, etc. that I don't think I went anywhere. Pretty sure I just stayed home. Which is exactly what I will be doing for the next 6 days.

I'm thinking of taking on a fun craft project or home improvement project while I'm at home. Any suggestions?? Looking for something fun, not too complicated and not too pricey. Do you have fun plans for Spring Break? Do you even get a Spring Break?

(p.s. I just have to note that I like looking at these pictures, because I get smaller in them as time progresses. Usually it is the other way around, so this is pretty cool. Hopefully next year I'll go someplace super fun and will have some cute pics to post!)

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