Monday, March 14, 2011

Stopping Myself

People often ask when I say I'm a Kindergarten teacher, "isn't it hard to watch what you say?" The short answer is yes and no. Sometimes it is hard and sometimes it isn't. And I'm not perfect. I definitely slip up. I haven't used any 4-letter words around my kids (not that I remember at least) but I have definitely come close.

This afternoon a situation come up where I was reminded of having to stop myself. Here's how it went down:

kid- "Hey Ms. H! Guess what?"
what I wanted to say- "chicken butt"
what I really said- "yes?"

Just one little fun example of how a teacher has to sensor themselves! Whenever a kid asks "guess what?" I ALWAYS have to stop myself from replying "chicken butt." At least it makes me reply "yes?" with a smile :)

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