Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes you just need to hear it

I love my job. As much as I can sometimes complain about it, as much as it saps every bit of energy out of me, and as much pain as it puts me in (physical pain from a bad back, but that's another story) I do love it. And I love my kids. I know that I'm doing a good job and making a difference in these kids' lives. But sometimes it is just good to hear that from other people.

This afternoon I was on my way out the building and popped my head in my principal's office, just to tell her a quick thing. That "quick thing" turned into a 25+ minute long conversation. But I didn't mind because part of that conversation centered around her telling me that she has noticed all the hard work (and it's been a lot!) and that she recognizes I am doing a good job. So much so that she wants another teacher to come watch and observe me. As in, learn from me. ME! A 2nd year teacher!

It just felt so good to hear that from my administrator. Teaching can be a very solitary profession, you're stuck in your room almost all day long with no other adults. But to know that she knows I'm doing a good job, it just made me feel good. And it makes all the long hours, hard work and effort much more worth it. Now I'm actually sad that I'm taking tomorrow off because that is a day missed with my kids. But I know that I'll be back on Wednesday...and it'll be great :)

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