Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Your Usual Gas Station

Across the street from my church is this gas station. Back when gas cost $3.50+/gallon, they had a funny sign that read: "regular- arm, plus- leg, ultra- first born". Walking back to my car from getting frozen yogurt, I saw this sign. So simple, yet sometimes so hard.

My first thought was to apply this to my every day life. Everyone can stand to be a little bit kinder to everyone they meet. You never know when it is going to make someone's day.

My second thought was to apply this to my school life. Somedays it is VERY hard to be kind to my students. Not usually just one kid, but as a collective whole it is hard. Sometimes it is because I am in a bad mood (for whatever reason), often it is because they not doing what I want them to do. But seeing this sign made me think, what if I'm just a little bit kinder to them?

My kids come from a rough area. They don't have a lot of kindness in their life. I can change that. I can be a little bit kinder to them.

Think about the people in your life. Is there someone you can be a little bit kinder to? (and yes, I realize I ended the last sentence with a preposition. If my father the English major reads this, sorry Dad)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Sweetheart. Wise words.
ps I'm so proud of you and all your many accomplishments, LOL!