Saturday, September 25, 2010

My new favorite place

Is this:
Can you say amazing?? Radnor Lake is only about 5-10 minutes from my house, but a world away. It has a nice easy walking trail that goes around the lake, and some more strenuous trails that go up in the hills. I have become obsessed and usually go twice a week (weekends) for a good workout. Since I had to stop running because of my back issues, this has become my new cardio routine. It is SO much better than walking on a treadmill or even around my neighborhood.

When I did Team in Training (for the half marathon), they told me that iPods were not allowed during training. WHAT?!?! I thought. No iPod? How do I distract myself from the boredom and pain of running 7+ miles? The reason they give is that running without music gives you time to think in your head, work through thoughts, etc. and you become stronger mentally.

Now I get it. Two weeks ago I went to Radnor and ended up walking/hiking for an hour and a half. By myself. With no music. And it was great! So much time to think through all the things going on in my life, time to enjoy the nature and the beautiful weather. My work week is so busy and chaotic dealing with my students, it was so nice to be alone and just think.

Oh, and I saw this:
It's hard to tell because I didn't want to get too close at the risk of being creepy, but it's the cutest old couple EVER!! They were so sweet going on their Sunday walk together and holding hands.

Are there any nature areas/hiking places where you are? Check them out, they are great!

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