Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School construction

If you know me, you know that I teach Kindergarten. You probably also know that I teach in the 'hood, and that although my kids are crazy, ridiculous, insane, adorable little monsters, that I love them.

Last year I was at a brand new elementary school in our district. Since we were a new school, we were in an old building while they completed renovations on our actual school building. However, here we are 8 days away from school starting, and ta-dah! the building isn't finished. Shocking. Because when you think "brand new elementary school a week away from school starting", the image in your head matches the one above. No? It doesn't? Hmm...

This morning I finally got the news that I can start moving into my new classroom! I'm super excited to finally unpack all 47 boxes I packed last year, slap some new border up on the bulletin boards and get ready for the kiddos that will come to my door next week.

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