Saturday, August 14, 2010

2nd year teaching

So far I've only had 1 half day of school this year. But it already is SO different from last year it's hard to remember where I was a year ago.

A year ago, I had just moved into my new house and was starting a new job. It was a new school, a new school district and I was scared to death! I had never worked with this population of students before and I had no clue what I was doing. The first day was a blur, it happened so fast and I just remember being exhausted at the end. Day by day it got a little easier, but each day was definitely a challenge. I loved it, but it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

This year I can already tell is going to be totally different. For starters, all of my kids (for the most part) showed up on the first day. We had a fun time together, but I definitely let them know that I'm in charge and that I'm not going to take any goofiness/silliness/bad behavior. My kids sat on the rug and LISTENED TO A STORY!! That is huge! Last year the kids couldn't sit still long enough for a story until maybe November.

I'm not sure what brings the shift in the kids this year. Maybe they're just better behaved, more adapted to school already than last year? Maybe I'm just more confident and have a better handle on things? Maybe I'm not so stressed this year and the kids can sense that? Whatever it is, I think I'm in for a good year. Good thing to, because I'm not sure I could take another year like last year. I'm excited to go back on Monday and can't wait to see what else this year brings!

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Tara said...

You know when there's a crying baby that won't stop crying because the person holding it is so nervous? That's what this reminded me of. You know what you're doing, you're more confident, and the kids can sense that!