Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new classroom!

This school year my school is in a new building. Same school, different building (and different school name for that matter!). It's a little crazy and construction is coming down to the wire. The new/renovated building is GORGEOUS and I'm so excited to be in a nice new classroom with mostly new stuff.

view of my classroom (this was already after I had done a ton of work)

and after! carpet/circle/calendar area

reading area

student desks/tables (set up for 15 students)

computer center

guided reading area (door goes to bathroom)

It's not finished yet, but mostly there! What do you think? Putting everything up is making it real and making me excited to start this school year. Kids come on Thursday, bring it on!!


Patty Harbison, Nashville TN said...

How 'bout those under-the-sink curtains!

Hillary said...

It looks great! I am jealous of all of the space you have and the 3 carpets!!! I can't wait to hear about how the first day goes :)

Lindsay said...

the circle time center looks AWESOME!! I am with you, so excited for tommorow

Tara said...

Those counters are SO cute! Can you make the pictures bigger so I can see them better? Good luck tomorrow!!!