Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Plans

Most of my time this summer will be spent on recovering from surgery. Lots of rest, lots of physical therapy, etc. (not to mention lots of shopping now that EVERYTHING in my closet is too big!). But I do have some time left for other more "typical" summer activities. They include:

- laying by the pool, slathered in SPF 3000 of course (ok, maybe more like SPF 30 but whatev)
- reading- currently working on the latest Dan Brown novel/thriller
- movies- both on Netflix and in the theater
- weddings- I have one next weekend and one in July
- decorating- our family vacation home is almost ready, so I'm spending a lot of time helping my parents decorate it!

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and getting lots of ideas for my classroom for the upcoming school year. Including these that I plan on making:

Seriously, how cute? They are a pair of pants that have the bottom sewn shut, then filled with "smarties" candies. When a kid does something really smart, they get a treat from the Smarty Pants. I already made a trip to the Salvation Army for a pair of pants, so I'm all set. I'll post a how-to tutorial once I get around to making them.

What about you? Any fun summer plans you want to share?

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