Sunday, June 26, 2011

Organization station

Have I told you that I love organizing? Because I do. Like, seriously. If I were not a Kindergarten teacher, I would be a professional organizer and go into people's homes and get paid to organize all their stuff. Luckily, being a Kindergarten teacher is often a LOT like being a professional organizer. My favorite bookstore in town closed back in December :( but the one good side to that is that in it's place we are getting a Container Store! Until then, I am usually a bit creative when it comes to organizing things in my classroom.

Here is one of the bookshelves in my classroom:
It has all the "series" books sorted into tubs, then the tubs are labeled with the name of the books and a picture. You will find a lot of pre-made labels for book boxes which are great, but they just have the words. K students aren't reading yet (for the most part) and need the picture to go with the words. My kids NEVER put a book in the wrong place because it's pretty obvious where it should go. Time is precious and if I don't have to be constantly re-organizing my books, I think it's a good thing.

One goal for this upcoming school year is to have a new book center that has leveled books out on display. I'm working on it some this summer and hope to have it up by the time school starts. Stay tuned!

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