Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trip to Kentucky/Ohio

Last weekend, I headed up to Ohio for my friend Tara's bridal shower/bachelorette. It was a blast! I took a personal day on Friday, so I first hit up Hot Yoga for a workout and then hit the road. I drove to Lexington, KY to see friends and spend the night Friday night. I haven't been to Lex in forever and it was so great to see my sorority sisters! We talked and laughed until about 12:30am, just like life in the sorority house :)

Saturday morning I left Lexington pretty early and headed to Jeffersonville, OH. What is in Jeffersonville, Ohio you might ask? Only a Pottery Barn outlet!! Fortunately I found a beautiful full-size headboard that would be perfect for my guest room. Unfortunately it wouldn't fit in the car. So I left it behind and headed off to Centerville, OH for Tara's shower.

Here she is with the cupcake cookbook I gave her:
I discovered the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes from her blog, so this seemed like an appropriate gift. I also got her a cool cupcake carrier thing-a-ma-jig.

And here is the beautiful bride-to-be with her most adorable flower girl:
Tara, I'm making plans to become Belle's BFF in April! If she gets shy and needs an escort down the aisle, I'm available AND have experience being a flower girl escort :)

The shower was great and it was so fun to see Tara and her family. After the shower, all the girls loaded up and went to a lake house for a night of just good old girl fun (and some dirty lingerie!). Tara, I'm so glad I could spend the time with you!

Sunday morning, I hit the road to come back south. Before I left, I realized there was one of these right on my way home:
How could I pass it up? Of course I had to go! I found so much cool stuff, but man this place is huge! I was totally overwhelmed for a while and probably spent a good 2+ hours pretty much just wandering around. But I did find a ton of fun stuff. Including a new duvet cover. At $39.99, it was such a great price and so pretty I couldn't pass it up. Usually, I stick to pretty plain bedcoverings, so this is a little out of my comfort zone.

My bed before:
Blue and white duvet cover. Very simple, but not totally practical with a dog in the house. It has been very hard to keep clean.

New duvet cover:
I know, it's hard to see. But it has a really pretty red and blue floral print. The blue walls bring out the blue flowers and the brown lampshade complements the brown branches in the print. Eventually, it will probably end up in the guest room (walls are green). But for now, I'm loving it. And it makes me wish there was an Ikea closer to where I live!

It was so great to have a little vacation and see friends in Kentucky and Ohio! I felt like I was gone a lot more than 3 days. Can't wait to take more road trips in my new car...


Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

Yay!! I love everything about this post, including your new duvet cover!!

Kristin said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed spending the evening with you! I'm planning a trip to Nashville soon so that it won't be a bajillion years until we see each other again!!! I love you times infinity!