Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Field Trip!

I'm in the process of planning a field trip for all of Kindergarten. I never knew what a huge process it was! So much paperwork and so much hassle, but I know it will all be worth it. The kids have been working very hard and this is going to be a big reward for them. Plus I know they will LOVE it!

I was sharing this with a friend of mine who teaches in South Carolina. She shared a story with me about their Kindergarten's upcoming "field trip" that was so funny I asked to share it. Here's what she wrote:

Ok so let me give you some background.The kindergarteners have been studying penguins, polar bears, and Antarctica. Friday was the end of their unit and as we all do, they told the kids that they were going to take a trip to Antarctica. Everyone was very excited! This is the letter one of our kindergarten teachers got on the morning of the "trip"

To: Ms. V,
M'Kayla can not go on the plane today. Send her to CD-E. No permission slip came home for permission to go on any airplane ride today.
Mrs. Perry
When the teacher called home, mom truly thought that the children were going to get on an airplane, fly to Antarctica, and be home in time for the buses.

How hilarious is that?!? The parent actually thought they were taking a trip to Antarctica! Oh gracious...

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