Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm alive!

In one corner of my classroom, you will find this:It's our home living center. Remember this from your days in Kindergarten? I didn't know I was getting this set (which is really nice, btw) but my school apparently ordered a few extra sets and I got one. We definitely don't use it too much, but when the kids do get to play with it they LOVE it! I have it outfitted with some plastic plates/utensils from Walmart, a few empty (clean) food containers, and a set of play kitchen appliances I got on sale at the Parent-Teacher store.

Today we got out of school early because they were predicting snow. And I'm super glad they did! It is snowing like crazy now, but that's another post. Because of a crazy schedule, I had several kids out. So our schedule was pretty much shot, so I figured, let's have choice center time! This is the time when kids can choose what they "play" with in the classroom. Home Living is always a popular choice. The kids were playing back in the corner when a kid comes up to me. Here's the conversation that followed.

boy- "Ms. H, the toaster is gone."
me- "what do you mean the toaster is gone? where did you put it?"
insert 10 minute search for the toaster, with no success
boy- "I think it fell behind the refrigerator."
me- "It can't fit back behind there, but I'll check."
picture me finding the toaster exactly where I said it couldn't possibly be

girl (who has been watching this whole thing go down)- "Ms. H, I'm glad you found that because I thought you were going to have a heart attack!"

oh, sweet children! How I love them. Thankfully, the toaster was found and I did NOT have a heart attack. Although I'm glad my kids take me seriously when something is not right. A missing toy toaster may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is! Luckily, it is back in its spot and all is right with the world.

**update- in the 10+ minutes it probably took me to type this post, snow has picked up and it is looking very white out there! looks like tomorrow may be snow day #10

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