Thursday, January 20, 2011

If all the snowflakes...

were gummy bears and milkshakes, oh what a world that would be!

Okay, so it wasn't raining gummy bears and milkshakes but we did get some big fat flakes! It was exciting to see the snow, not so exciting for it to be coming down during afternoon dismissal. Instead of the kids looking for their rides, they were all doing this:
So what did I do? Did this teacher tell them to stop playing around and pay attention to the cars coming through the hook-up line?

Nope. I just joined them. You can only be serious for so long before just joining in on the fun! Is it snowing where you are? This is the most snow I can remember our area getting in a long time. Rather than getting bogged down in the whole "we've run out of snow days thing", I'm just living in the moment and enjoying the beauty of the snow. Hope you are too!

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the reminder, Clare! I've been getting a little frustrated with all the snow days. I need to remember that, even though they're messing up my semester, they are days of joy for the kids in my class.