Monday, January 17, 2011

First day of school!

Ok, so tomorrow isn't the first day of school. Technically it will be the 83rd day of school (but who's counting?). But it feels like the first day. Why do you ask?

Because we were out ALL LAST WEEK for snow days! Monday-Friday. 5 days. No school. It was pretty ridiculous. I'm excited to go back to school tomorrow because I miss my kids. Not all teachers feel like this, but this one does. I love my kids and 10 days without seeing them is too long!

I wrote on Facebook when we were going back to school after winter break that I was nervous. Every time we're off for more than a day or two, I feel like I forget what I'm doing. I get so into the routine of things that when the routine goes off, I feel like I've forgotten everything. Of course I haven't forgotten how to teach, but a small bit of me always fears that.

I know tomorrow morning I'll be a little nervous. A little anxious to see my kids. What if I forget what I'm doing? What if suddenly I can't handle a room of 17-20 5 year olds? What if I can't do it? But then the kids will come down the hall, and all those fears will go away. We'll jump right back into our routine. Go right back to morning meeting, reading a story aloud, playing at centers, and going to lunch. Right back to lining up quietly, showing me the "quiet signal" and "showing" me they're excited about something. And once again, I'll be reminded why I'm doing what I'm doing. Because I love my job. And I love my kids!

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You're the best, yeah!