Monday, November 1, 2010

warning: another funny teacher story!

I know I said I would blog about ALL the things in my life, not just teaching. But since teaching is 99% of my life, my blog posts are 99% about teaching! lol

I've blogged about the signs in my class bathroom before. Remember how it has explicit directions on how to use the restroom? Well, apparently the picture directions are not enough. Because they are still peeing on the seat!! Except that today, when a kid would go in and then come right back out because of pee on the seat, I made the previous child go in and clean it up. I had to shout...I mean, explain several times that if you make a mess in the bathroom, YOU have to clean it up.

In this explanation, I told the kids that nobody wants to see your pee on the toilet. Nobody likes that. And then here's where I went wrong. I then said that I use that bathroom and that I don't want to see your pee on the seat. Ooops. Wrong thing to tell the kiddos.

me: "I use that bathroom too. I don't want to see your pee on the seat."
child: "you go to the bathroom??"
me: "yes, I do."
child: "Do you stand up or sit down?"

Yikes. This is not the time to have a why do girls sit down, why do boys stand up conversation. Instead I just reiterated that NOBODY wants to see your pee and you need to clean it up. Hopefully this got the message across!! Time will only tell.

check back soon- I'll be posting about my trip to Montreal to see my sister! And if you're reading this post, PLEASE "follow" my blog. Thanks for reading!

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