Monday, November 22, 2010

SUPER thankful!

I got some news today that I have to share with you all. Maybe you know that last year my big brother Jay was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Exactly a year ago we were having Thanksgiving at a friend's house because we were all too preoccupied to think about cooking a huge dinner. Jay had to leave early because he had just had his first (of eight) rounds of chemotherapy.

But I'm super happy to report that Jay is CANCER FREE!!!! I got the news at school and totally teared up for a bit. It is crazy to think how exactly a year ago he was just getting sick and now he's back to (relative) normal. I am just so thankful that he was a true warrior and fought it like crazy. And I'm thankful that he inspired me to join Team in Training where I met several amazing people. I ran last year's Country Music Half Marathon in honor of Jay and all people who are fighting/have fought cancer.

So now this Thanksgiving I have something new to be thankful for! Love you Jay (even though you probably won't read this, and even if you do you'll make fun of me, but I guess that's what big brothers are for).
at his college graduation (2005)


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Clare, that's awesome! We've all thought about you and Jay and your family many times over the last year. So glad he is doing well!