Friday, July 1, 2011

Smarty Pants

Since I have a lot of time on my hands this summer, I decided I wanted to try and be productive this summer. Sure, there are days where I don't change out of my pyjamas and just lounge around the house all day. Then there are days where I am super productive. Today is looking like a mix of the two- part productivity and part laziness/enjoying summer. Today's project of productivity was making a pair of "smarty pants". I got the idea from a blog I saw and knew I had to do it! Here's the how-to tutorial:

1. Start with a pair of small jeans (I got these for $1.50 from Salvation Army).

2. Sew the leg holes shut- make sure to use a jean/heavy duty needle. I also use jean thread so it blends in.

3. Next, use small scissors or a seam ripper to cut the back belt loops free.

4. Sew belt loops closed over a hanger.

5. Print a cute sign and tah-da! Smarty pants!!
These will be filled with Smarties (the candy) and hung in my classroom. When a child does something extra-smart, that means they are a "Smarty Pants" and can get a piece of candy. They turned out super cute!! Can't wait to hang them in my room.

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