Sunday, April 24, 2011

To Hunt or Not to Hunt?

This year I asked myself, "should I do an Easter egg hunt for my kids or not?" Last year all the K teachers talked and planned one together. I should say before I get too far that I don't really agree with doing an Easter egg hunt at school, especially since I teach at a public school. My thought is that if we don't celebrate all religious holidays, then we shouldn't celebrate/discuss any. But last year I agreed to it.

So this year I wasn't planning on doing an egg hunt. We have been very busy implementing new initiatives and a new magnet concept, not to mention that I'm leaving 3 weeks early so I have only 12 more days left of school. But the Lifeskills teacher asked if my class wanted to join hers in an egg hunt. She had arranged everything so all we had to do was show up. Okay, I said. We'll do it.

I am so glad we did! It was seriously the most precious thing EVER! The Lifeskills (special ed) kids from a local high school had stuffed so many eggs and came over and hid them. They helped my kids hunt for eggs and they kids, both elementary and high school, were so cute about the whole thing. I was worried my kids would be competitive, but they did great! They were even sharing and swapping eggs with each other, and then they all wanted to give me an egg. It was so sweet. We capped the whole thing off with some super cute cupcakes the HS kids had made.

It was so sweet. It went against everything I believe about celebrating religious events in public schools, but I am glad we did it. Now I'll have to decide if I do it again next year!

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