Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I wish the title of this post meant that I'm back in marathon training. Not quite. I have started running, but VERY slowly and for short distances only. I was getting a little down on myself about it, but then had to remember that I had 2 metal rods and 22 screws implanted in my back only 4 months ago.! (p.s, I've been discharged from PT. woo hoo!!)

No, the title of this post refers to training my children. Not potty training (thank goodness!), classroom training. I had forgotten this year how hard it is to start a new school year. A new year full of kids who don't know my way of doing things. We have to start at the beginning...the very beginning.

I wanted to blog about this mainly to remind myself when I forget it in 45 weeks (that's how long until the start of school next year, fyi). And to remind myself that it does get better! My kids are slowly but surely getting the hang of things and learning how to do things my way. Because in my classroom, it's my way or the hallway :)

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