Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roll and Write

Whew, I am exhausted! I have to submit lesson plans on Friday for the week ahead (which means I can't wait until Sunday night to write them) and they are way more detailed that I'm used to. I know it's making me a better teacher, I just have to keep reminding myself.

I wrote my math plans for next week this evening, and came up with this cute game. I can't take total credit because I got the idea from my district pacing guides, but I did make the sheet that goes with the game. You can find a copy HERE. My kids love dice so I know they'll like playing this "game". I am thinking I will pair them up, that way they'll also practice taking turns. Maybe even turn it into a Bingo type game where the person who fills up the sheet first wins a prize? We'll see.
p.s. I got to use some of my fun new fonts! The words are "Smiley Monster" and the numbers are "MTF Cutie Patootie" (I had to switch because the Smiley Monster 4 is a pointy 4 instead of an open 4) Both are free online, just do a Google search.

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