Wednesday, December 8, 2010

snow day!!!

Okay, not really. But our city did get it's first "snow" of the season this weekend. It snowed on Sunday but did not really stick to the ground. But oh boy, were the kids talking about it Monday morning! Then during our morning work, one of my kids shouted out "Ms. H, it's snowing!" I thought, no way. It is not snowing. I rolled the shade up to prove that it was in fact, not snowing.

Insert foot in mouth HERE.

IT WAS SNOWING!! Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go out in the snow before lunch. I was praying all during lunch that it would keep going so the kids could go out in it. Luckily, my good snow thoughts paid off. We bundled up and headed out into the "snow."

Turns out the playground is even funner in the snow! We of course had to have a little mini-lesson on not picking up the snow, not eating the snow, and not making snow balls (not that there was enough, but I wanted to cover all the bases). It was so much fun to see the kids running around in the fluffy white stuff. You can see from the above picture that it melted under their feet, but it was still pretty fun. I guess it brings out the kid in all of us.
The slide is SUPER fast in the snow! Seriously, the kids were flying on this thing! They would come shooting off and land about 2 feet from the bottom. I was a little scared someone was going to get hurt but they just laughed and laughed. So sweet.

I hope it snows a little more so that we can make some snow angels and even a snowman. Those are educational, right? I mean, a snowman is make of spheres...

Last year, I discovered that snow days are even more fun as a teacher. You get paid to be at home, drink some hot chocolate, and lounge around in your p.j.s. But there can be too much of a good thing. Last year we had TOO MANY snow days and had to make them up by adding time to the end of the school day (7:45am-4:15pm is no fun with Kindergarten!). This year I'm hoping for exactly 5 snow days, the time our calendar has "built in". What would you do on a snow day??

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