Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pete the Cat!

Well, I've jumped right back into the swing of things with my 21 new babies. It's hard to believe school has already started and at the same time, I feel like I never left. I've got a great group of kids this year and they're already doing some awesome work!

One of the first thing we do at our school is start learning the color words. How can you do that and not read Pete the Cat? The kids LOVE that book and it's such a cute way to introduce color words.

We focus on one color word a day, and our first word was "red". After reading the book, I gave the kids a baggie with a sentence cut up. They had to put the words in order and illustrate their picture. Here's what they did:

Are you amazed? I was!! We drew the cats together, step by step. I really liked doing this with my kids and intend to do more of it. No more "I can't draw a cat!" comments. So happy with how this activity turned out, and can't wait to do the rest of the color words! 

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