Monday, April 23, 2012

Behavior Bingo!

Last night I was sitting on my couch thinking "ugh, I don't want to go to work tomorrow." It's nothing in particular, just that we only have a few weeks left, state testing starts this week (for grades 3-5, but it still affects us down in K) and my kids have been crazy lately. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I found this super cute "behavior bingo" idea courtesy of Hadar over at Miss Kindergarten. I used her idea and changed it ever so slightly to work with my kids. Here's what I've got:

I introduced it to my kiddos this morning, and they loved it! It was easier for me to just print 2 copies of the "bingo" page, then cut out the numbers from one and put them in a cup. Every time my kids are all on task, we get a hallway compliment, or they're just being extra good we get to "pull a ticket." They've already bought into it, so hopefully that momentum will continue! If you'd like to get your own version, click HERE and HERE.

**helpful hint! I put the PRIZE page in a clear page protector, then just magnet-ed it to the whiteboard. That way I can use a dry erase marker to X out the spots as we get tickets, then wipe it clean when we need to start again! 

Good luck! 23 school days left for us!!


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower:) Come visit me...

Miss Kindergarten said...

I just now saw this! Glad it's working!


Robert Watt said...

Thank you for sharing such great information with us. I really appreciate everything that you've done here and am glad to know that you really care about the world that we live in :)