Monday, March 19, 2012

What's been going on

I am so sorry I haven't posted in a month! Things have been a little busy around here...I'm ENGAGED!!! In about a year from now I won't be Ms. H anymore, I'll be Mrs. A. Wonder what to do with my cute teacher bag? Oh well, too many wedding plans to worry about that!

It was also my birthday at the beginning of the month and my awesome parents got me an iPad! I feel a little extravagant getting such an elaborate (and expensive) gift, but I'm using it in my classroom so it serves many purposes. I'm just beginning to explore with apps and such, but my kids love it! Today they were all wanting a turn on in during rest time, not realizing that I'm using it as an "intervention" for some low performing babies.

Here are some fun (and FREE!) apps I've found:

The first one is called "My Mosaic" and the 2nd is "Sort It Out". They are both free and come from Both are great for problem solving, sorting, visual discrimination, etc. Can't wait to find more. Any suggestions?


Hadar said...

Congrats Clare!

Clare said...

thanks Hadar!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl-
Browsing Facebook and saw the fabulous news! Congratulations. I would love to catch up. Glad you are so happy! Love, Danielle